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Month: February 2023

Hidden Falls offers a delightful sound and cooling water for tired feet

This treasure was found deep in the State Park during a really hot summer hike.
The air was humid and still but this sound mischievously led us on.
And then there it was – a hidden oasis with cool water, and a welcome resting place before the trek back.
I still remember this, and painted the Tiny Vista of “Hidden Falls” for someone else who would like to enjoy the feeling, too.
This and other miniature paintings are available at
Come on in and enjoy the views.

A Wooded Path

My photo was of a bright sunny day, but my mood when I sat down to paint- well, it wasn’t bright. Or sunny.
So as I manipulated my way through the painting, it just got darker.
When it was finished, I put it on the drying rack, and moved on to another painting.

As I reflected on it the next week, I realized it was still an inviting wooded path, but more suited to introspection than a merry walk. And so I kept it, just the way it was.
If you’re in an introspective mood this Tiny Vista could provide a wonderful path to lead you on.
This and more Tiny Vistas are available at