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Month: March 2023

Variations on a Theme Keep on Rolling…

Images of what to paint seem to come to me in waves…
Bend In The Road came around in early 2022, and then my brain cycled back later in the year,
and Cooling Shade was created
I hadn’t really realized this cycling until yesterday when I was going through some old
watercolors from 1999 – and this big guy showed up!
Apparently, that image had lain dormant for a while, before waking up, shaking off, and rolling in
a couple of times more… I think my skills have improved with time, too…
I wonder when the next iteration will surface? What do you think it will be?
Check out the pieces in my Shop,, and send me your thoughts on what’s likely to come around next.

Liquid Gold Dripping from the Trees…

Well, it sure looked like it.
The day my Aunt visited the Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver, these glorious Golden Raintrees
were in full bloom.
Sunlight splashed the walkways and dappled the pale blue and purple flowers, creating perfect
counterpoints of complementary colors.
Working from her photo, I created this Tiny Vista – a miniature scene of a moment in time.
The Gardens are a wonderful place to enjoy Nature; I’d love to go sometime – have you been
In the meantime, I’ve also created many other mini landscapes that you might enjoy; they’re
available at


And I’m lucky to be here to tell you about it.
One day, I was driving from TN to NC. The main road is rather winding in a particular section
and there are a number of tunnels through the mountain rock.
This particular day, as I entered a tunnel, the brilliant sunlight outside paired with the distant fog,
taking my breath away.
So I stopped in the middle of the tunnel, stepped out of my car, and took a picture.
What a glorious moment! What a stupid thing to do!!
A few miles down the road, as the euphoria of the moment passed, I realized the incredible
danger I had put myself in.
And the incredible good fortune that I wasn’t squished like a bug in that tunnel.
I’ve been a lot smarter about taking pictures since then, but this is still one of my favorites.
There are many more tiny landscape paintings available at – come see which
ones speak to you.