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Chery Cratty getting ready for a show.

Baby’s First Steps – Tiny Vistas Out in Public

Tiny Vistas miniature paintings (my baby :)) stepped out into the public this weekend at the Off The Beaten Path Studio Tour Stop #7 in Liberty, TN.
It was really exciting (and honestly, a bit nerve-racking) to put them on display for the first time, and see and hear the responses.

“They look so real – I want to just step into one!”
“These are so tiny and so detailed!”
“Why aren’t you blind?!”
“I could just get lost in one of these.”

These were the kinds of affirmations that confirmed to me I’m on the right path. Plus, I sold a few, and that’s ALWAYS affirming!
Since this baby should be running in no time, I’d better get back to painting more. These Tiny Vistas are available NOW at, and there are more from which to choose. Step on in.

Chery's show display.

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