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Cherry Cratty's miniature painting, Tunneling Through.


And I’m lucky to be here to tell you about it.
One day, I was driving from TN to NC. The main road is rather winding in a particular section
and there are a number of tunnels through the mountain rock.
This particular day, as I entered a tunnel, the brilliant sunlight outside paired with the distant fog,
taking my breath away.
So I stopped in the middle of the tunnel, stepped out of my car, and took a picture.
What a glorious moment! What a stupid thing to do!!
A few miles down the road, as the euphoria of the moment passed, I realized the incredible
danger I had put myself in.
And the incredible good fortune that I wasn’t squished like a bug in that tunnel.
I’ve been a lot smarter about taking pictures since then, but this is still one of my favorites.
There are many more tiny landscape paintings available at – come see which
ones speak to you.