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Process photos of Chery's work which show details being added to three consecutive shots of one painting.

What do I do with a miniature painting?

Ask my Grandfather where someplace is, and the answer would be - “Just up the road a piece”.

Sitting at my desk dealing with computer work makes me wish I was outside. It’s sunny. I’m thinking of that old road I was on last summer where the light filtering through the tree leaves was so magical. I wish I were there right now.

Sadly, I’m here – at my desk. Sigh.

BUT – I look over to my left and see a Tiny Vistas painting propped up on its little easel. It’s full of the light and promise of the gentle cool breeze I remember from last summer.

As I gaze at it, I’m drawn in, as if I were there again. Lingering for a moment, I can almost feel the gravel of the road, hear the leaves moving in the dappled light.

And then I blink, and return to my current space, here at my desk, but refreshed with the memory of that time and place.

Refresh yourself with your own Tiny Vista. Available NOW at . If it’s gone, there are more from which to choose.

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