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Hero image showing several of Chery's miniature paintings in process and in framing options.

New in the shop: Nightlights!

A Keepsake Photo for Nightlight or Windowsill

A lithophane is a very special and unique gift for a birthday, wedding, in remembrance of a
friend or pet, or any special occasion.

Bring the memories that matter most to life with personalized lithophane nightlights!
Whether it’s a family photo, a pet portrait, or a special memory, these nightlights will add
a touch of warmth and coziness to any room.

Nature in Miniature Paintings
Tranquil Moments Out of Time…

Smaller than a business card – a breath of fresh air and quiet peace.

Let these miniature paintings soothe your eye and mind. They intrigue and urge you to wander right in.

Tranquil places or open spaces – wherever you wish you were right now – let Tiny Vistas take you there.

Tiny Images of the Great Outdoors

Tiny images of the great outdoors.

Woods & Roads

The curiosity of the open road, what lies around the bend; the hidden surprise of a wooded trail, or a deep woods – these are the places a Tiny Vista can take you.

Looking into a miniature landscape soothes the eye with the beautiful colors; it intrigues and urges you to wander into its depth.

Look through these scenes and find the ones that whisper to you to just “Come on in”.

Water & Vistas

The infinite ocean, a tranquil lake or wide open spaces – wherever you wish you were right now – let Tiny Vistas take you there.
Gazing into one of these tiny paintings can bring to mind the gentle lap of moving water or the whispers of the wind in an open field.
Look through this collection and find the ones that call to you – to quench that thirst, that need for quiet or a walk in the open air.
Just “Come on in”.

Artist’s Blog

Variations on a Theme Keep on Rolling…

Images of what to paint seem to come to me in waves…Bend In The Road came around in early 2022, and then my brain cycled back later in the year,and Cooling Shade was create…

Tiny Images of the Great Outdoors