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Fluttering leaves, a gently wafting breeze, and memories of times past…..
This fresh morning scene glows with the first crisp hints of autumn.
I wonder what the view will be at the other end of this swinging bridge?

Ancient materials.
Quirky techniques.
Timeless landscapes.

As an award-winning Tennessee Master Craftsman in Pulp Painting, you might think it would be very difficult to transition into painting tiny works smaller than a business card.

But after a few months painting this size it began to feel the same as the 20×30 inch, or even the  24×48 inch paintings I was painting before. 

It’s a little hard to explain, but the paintings feel so large and complete to me it’s as if I can enter them. And this is the comment I get the most from my clients – I feel like I could walk right into this!

My inspiration comes through years of handling tiny trees at my Bonsai Nursery in Georgia, and from my photographs. I am majorly influenced by where I now live in Tennessee, surrounded by large trees and at the edge of a deep ravine filled with even more trees, which again allows daily contact with the textures and movement of nature.

The Tiny Vistas are meticulously created using the oldest known type of paint – casein – and some quirky brushwork.

Fusing casein and watercolor gives me the ability to create both opaque and transparent passages as well as adding, subtracting, and reworking as needed.

Stiff but flexible hog’s hair brushes make quirky almost pointillistic marks, creating multi-pointed strokes that combine into realistic images.

Acid-free artboard provides strength and a non-warping painting surface. After allowing a few days to be sure the paint is totally dry, wax is applied and buffed to a gentle sheen. The wax is a surface sealant that allows the art to be left unframed, or framed with or without glass.

Each painting is finished with a pen line border of 18Kt gold foil.

Sitting in the quietude of nature brings me peace, tranquility and joy.

Then I paint those feelings into tiny vistas to share with others.

Whether it is sitting on an easel on your desk, or hanging in a spot where you can glance at it frequently, take a moment to step quietly into one of these timeless scenes, and return refreshed to your everyday existence.

Tiny images of the great outdoors.